We are often asked how we got started so we'd like to welcome you to the story of Bang On The Door.

We have been around since the 1980's creating our distinctive designs which have found themselves all around the world.

Check out our story and see what we are all about and where we came from. We hope it will inspire you young entrepreneurs and creatives.

CHAPTER 1: Having fun

Bang on the Door was founded by two designers, Karen Duncan & Samantha Stringle who left Art College determined to work for themselves and just see what happened.

In a cold flat above a butcher’s shop in North London the girls were designing as freelancers when a chance meeting led to them moving into a shared printing studio in Wapping.

Now able to print the designs onto fabric Bang On The Door begins selling t-shirts and scarves on a stall at Camden Market.( The Stall at Camden was possible after another chance meeting involving leg waxing - but that's another story.)

Although numerous different designs were sold the strong, simple & humorous images of animals with black outlines & bold, flat colours proved very popular with people of all ages & formed what was to be the distinctive style of Bang on the Door.

CHAPTER 2: Spreading our wings

Success at Camden led to further outlets at London Markets and festivals including Womad and Glastonbury.

Shops started to ask to stock the T-shirts and the wholesale business developed. Soon Bang On The Door t-shirts were available in 100+ independent gift shops all across the UK and Ireland and through mail order publications

CHAPTER 3: T-shirts are not enough

Increasing popularity & demand for other products led Bang on the Door into licensing. Starting with greetings cards and stationery the design-led licensing programme took off & a UK agent is appointed. Within 4 years there 60+ licensees selling a huge variety of product including duvet covers , bikes, watches, bags, toiletries, plush toys

CHAPTER 4: Our girl Groovy Chick

Somewhere amid all this merchandise madness Bang On The Door designed some funky people characters in pinks purples bright blues and greens . Among these characters was groovy Chick.

She quickly became popular with tween girls and and Groovy Chick was nominated for Character of the Year and grooved her way into the Top Ten Characters in Licensing.

CHAPTER 5: Big world out there

Fairy girl, Football Crazy and Bang On The Door babies followed.

With 10 international agents & years of success Bang On The Door continued selling their designs worldwide.


CHAPTER 6: Round Trip

The Bang On The Door creators, having a wonderful and exciting journey, still hankered after the nostalgia of the early days and their original t-shirts believing that organic cotton , water based inks and their simple, bold , innovative designs of the 90's should be revived.

As they mulled this over , Karen was approached by Daniel Walters from Sad Sac initially to discuss a collaboration between Groovy Chick and his own cool character.

After much discussion, in addition to a collaboration , they both agreed that it was a perfect time for a 90s relaunch and Daniel agreed to get involved.

Luan also was approached to build the website as he is really cool.

With Daniel's creative direction and online marketing know how the online shop and social media presence launched

"a t-shirt for life".