blogs & our recent features

  • 80s and 90s in camden market

    From humble beginnings, let's throw it back to the 80s and 90s when Sam and Karen, the talented duo behind Bang On The Door, hustled in Camden Mar...
  • 1989 in the lively amsterdam

    Flashback to 1989 in the lively Amsterdam, where a young Sam and Karen of Bang On The Door were fearlessly putting their brand on the map. With pa...
  • 90s glastonbury festival pop-up

    Throwing it back to our pop-up at Glastonbury Festival in the 90s. T-shirts hanging high, memories soaring higher! 
  • painting with Justin Bunting

    Justin Bunting is an abstract artist based in Northern Ireland! Justin paints using complete creative freedom, putting random acrylic brush strokes...
  • plush toys!

    a collection of 90s & Y2K plush toys at Bang On The Door HQ!    
  • producing heavy metal with Ronan Gallagher

    having influences from early 2000s heavy metal bands, we shadowed musician Ronan Gallagher producing in his home studio based in Donegal, Ireland!...
  • mug-drawer

    a collection of 90’s & Y2K mugs in the Bang On The Door HQ!!  
  • planting trees with Bob

    Bob is a handy man & gardner based in Northern Ireland, we shadowed him planting trees over Christmas 2022!   
  • christmas giveaway 2022

    we gave away a 90s Bang On The Door Christmas tree t-shirt to one lucky customer!
  • making canvases with Joe Fahy

    Joe Fahy is a multi media artist based in Donegal, Ireland. we shadowed him making canvases from scratch in his home!
  • a t-shirt for life - trading lightly

    if you haven't picked up on it already, here at bang on the door we are putting our foot down against fast fashion, and trying to create high-quali...
  • the levi's chick for THE FACE

    we recently collaborated with Levi's in issue 11 of THE FACE magazine!!